Meet The

Sector Reps

Penny Moser

Sector Representing: Youth

Occupation: Secretary to the DSS Commissioner and Director, Lewis County Youth Bureau

Town/Hamlet of Residence: Croghan, NY

Why did you join UP!?:

I actually was a part of the former (YEAH!) Coalition, and was asked to be on the committee due to my role as Director of the Lewis County Youth Bureau.  I enjoy working with youth and believe in the mission and vision of the UP! Coalition.

What are some positive things for the youth in this community?:  There are many positive things for youth in our county  including six municipality run summer recreational programs that provide swim instruction and leisure swim and recreation-no cost;  beautiful parks; Picnics; camping; fishing; hiking; Youth ages 14 + are able to apply for seasonal jobs in Old Forge and are able to utilize the counties public transportation system to get to and from Old Forge at the cost of $2 roundtrip; there are many clubs youth from all ages can join to include 4-H programs; Boy and Girl Scouts; School Clubs; youth have many opportunities to help with community service projects.

What are some changes you wish to see in the community?:  The main change I would like to see is the decline of drugs and alcohol consumption. Therefore, as an UP! Coalition member my opinion is that we have to focus on changing the community as a whole (youth and adults) on the mission of UP!

What does the word “COMMUNITY” mean to you?:  To me it means EVERYTHING!  I LOVE OUR COMMUNITY!  Community to me means helping your neighbors, helping the economically vulnerable, helping our senior citizens, and working together with other agencies to meet their needs.

What is your favorite season?: Fall.

If you could have one super power, what would you choose?: _To be able to heal people with addictions (all and any addictions)  and also heal their loved ones (children, spouses, friends).  You can’t just treat the person with the addiction, you have to treat the loved ones who see the addict deteriorate in front of them, see their “mean” streaks, and listen to the yelling and screaming the verbal abuse.   I know this because my father was an alcoholic during my entire childhood and adulthood.  You have to treat the whole family not just the addict.

What words of wisdom would you pass on to your childhood self?:  Believe in yourself, believe you are someone special and that You will be fine.

Who is your personal hero? Why?:  My personal hero is my daughter Nicole.  From the time she was born she has always had a great personality, has empathy for people, is a very strong and dedicated person in her personal life and at her job, she has a contagious smile and truly is my hero. 

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